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The Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition is celebrating its 13th edition - the Bar Mitzva celebration - a significant event in the Jewish tradition, when a child becomes an adult.

In 1974, the Founder and first director of the Competition, Jan Jacob Bistritzky, had the vision of creating a first class international competition - an event that will tie the name and legacy of Arthur Rubinstein with the cultural life of Israel.It was an honour to receive the Maestros consent to give his name to the Competition.

Thus - the Competition is committed to attaining standards of the highest level and made it a point to promote young and outstanding pianists careers.

The task of the international jury is to select competitors of above average concert standard with a mature intellectual and emotional response to music.

The Arthur Rubinstein Award and other prizes are presented to young master pianists, whose talents reveal outstanding musicianship as well as the ability to render versatile, artistically convincing interpretations of works, ranging from the pre-classical to the contemporary.

The Rubinstein Competition also fosters Israeli music.Since its inception, the contest has commissioned, financed and published 19 works. This year the management of the competition chose Israeli compositions written by two prominent Israeli composers whose works were never performed in previous Rubinstein Competitions:
Paul Ben Haim (18971984) and Josef Tal (19102008).

  •  to continue the development of the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master competition
  •  to award scholarships to talented pianists
  •  to award a special prize in the name of Arthur Rubinstein
  •  to promote the artistic careers of the Competition laureates
  •  to establish the Arthur Rubinstein Chair in the Art of the Pianoforte at a university or music academy
  •  to issue and distribute publications, films, video and CD productions; to hold exhibitions and lectureson Rubinsteins life and art
  •  to initiate and organize worldwide dedicatory "Hommage Rubinstein" recitals, concerts and international festivals devoted to the great art of the piano
  •  to promote the art of the piano worldwide

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