The First Competition, September 1974

Jury members of the first Competition (left to right): Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli,
Michal Smoira-Cohn, Jacques Fevrier, Arthur Rubinstein, Alexander Tansman, Guido Agosti,
Henri Gagnebin, Enrico Barenboim, Eugene Istomin, Pnina Salzman, Dieter Weber,
Mindru Katz, Irving Kolodin.

International Jury:
Arthur Rubinstein, Guido Agosti (Italy), Enrique Barenboim (Israel), Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (Italy), Jacques Fevrier (France), Henri Gagnebin (Switzerland), Eugene Istomin (U.S.A.), Mindru Katz (Israel), Irving Kolodin (U.S.A.), Pnina Salzman (Israel), Michal Smoira-Cohn (Israel), Alexander Tansman (France), Dieter Weber (Austria).

First Prize:
Emanuel Ax, U.S.A. - The Arthur Rubinstein Award - Competition Gold Medal and $5,000.

Programme performed: Bach - Prelude & Fugue in F Minor (Book II); Beethoven - Waldstein Sonata; Alexander - Patterns for Piano; Chopin - Etudes no. 8 op. 10 & no. 6 op. 25; Debussy - Etude no. 11; Liszt - Paganini Etude no. 6; Ravel - "Scarbo" from "Gaspard de la Nuit"; Brahms - Sonata for violin and piano in D Minor op. 108; Beethoven - Appassionata Sonata; Schoenberg - Three piano pieces op. 11; Chopin - Sonata in B Minor no. 3 op. 58; Beethoven - Concerto no. 4; Brahms - Concerto no.1.

Second Prize:
Eugene Indjic, U.S.A. - Competition Silver Medal and $3,000.

Third Prize:
Jointly awarded to Janina Fialkowska, Canada, and Seta Tanyel, Austria - Competition Bronze Medal and $2,000 each.

The Maestro and prizewinners of the first Competition (left to right):
E. Ax, S. Tanyel, J. Fialkowska and E. Indijc.

"...A COMPETITIVE FESTIVAL IN THE GREAT ART OF THE PIANO"... declared the Jury and music circles worldwide.

This opinion was endorsed by Maestro Rubinstein.

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